This page is educational in nature and describes our workflow as it relates to how  the client interacts with us at Art Associates.

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The selection of the most advantageous viewpoint for your rendering carries much weight in the ultimate success of every illustration. Principally determined by the scope of the project, strongest architectural feature, or some aspect of the surroundings, correct viewpoint selection cannot be over-emphasized. One primary variable is the height at which the view is taken. There are advantages and disadvantages to the various heights at witch a project can be shown.

  • A “worm's eye view” is one that looks up at it's subject, and can convey drama, or importance.
  • The “bird's eye view” or aerial perspective, can emphasize the layout, or scope of a project.
  • The “low bird's eye view”, orraised eye level view can help emphasize the layout or amenities on the site in front of the building, without over-emphasizing the roof, or background.
  • The eye level places the viewer in a familiar element and can make it easy to relate to the project.

Each view type obviously has it's advantages and all are carefully weighed when a new project is begun.