Our History

Established in 1966, Art Associates became an immediate success and remains the most imitated and influential rendering firm in the field. We complete in access of 1,000 commissions annually from prestigious clientele world wide.

This site contains examples of our recent renderings and illustrations as well as examples from the past few years. The consistency of the detail and the craftsmanship we show are unmatched. What we can not show is the level of service to which we are committed. Every project, regardless of size, is completed on schedule and on budget.

Our philosophy concerning quality has remained unchanged since 1966: that is, the best presentation material obtainable is the best investment in any project. The most expensive presentations are the ones that fail to sell your ideas, no matter what the cost. We offer a full range of techniques from renderings and illustrations to the latest in computer generated animation, and everything between; providing our clients with a single source for promotions, presentations and marketing campaigns.

We are extremely proud of our staff of architectural illustrators, model builders, graphic artists, computer artists and designers. They are the finest team ever put together, devoted exclusively to serving the architect, engineer, developer, advertiser and owner.

We are equally proud of our contribution to our field and the degree to which we have influenced the level of professional acceptance it enjoys today.

We have developed a unique level of capabilities; providing an answer to every presentation need:

  1. We can produce any number of illustrations simultaneously, regardless of the size or complexity of the project.
  2. We can meet any time schedule, regardless of style of rendering required, from a quick sketch to a fully detailed opaque rendering or illustration.
  3. We can "fill in the blanks". Our design abilities allow us to improvise or interpolate any unresolved areas of the project, whether it be site, building or interior.
  4. We have a solution to any budget limitation. If we know your budget, we can tailor a rendering to it.
  5. We can customize a style or technique to fit your program, or to match existing art.
  6. Quality is one hundred percent dependable, always as good as, or better than current advertising, or your latest project.
  7. We can produce computer generated renderings and animations to any degree of detail, interior or exterior.
  8. We are a full service source, providing all art needs: models, reproductions, drawings, posters, and animations via the web or on cd / dvd.
  9. We use the internet to send and receive project information, wireframes, and progress scans.
  10. We guarantee satisfaction. Any alterations or corrections are given top priority, and frequently returned the same day received.
  11. We accept all major credit cards.
  12. Discounts are offered based on number of projects annually.
  13. Commissions and finder's fees are paid on direct referrals.

Evolution of Technique

The art of architectural rendering has become more computer generated and while there are many advantages to the method, there are still many architects, developers, ad agencies, marketing companies and owners who prefer the look of a hand painted rendering. Its warmth and tactile sensitivity will never go out of style.

Our staff has mastered all of the traditional techniques and after 46 years, we still use them every day.

We introduced computers into our studio 28 years ago used primarily to produce wireframes. Initially a good hand draftsperson could beat the computers every time however; as time went by, we got much better using computers for wireframes.

As software improved, we began blending paint and digital renderings and created a style that retained much of the soft warmth of traditional painting and digital rendering for those things that were mechanical. We have developed that technique to the softer, more natural looking renderings shown here.

We also do a purely digital rendering style for the client who prefers the crisper, hard edged technique.

Our Studio

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